Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Diigo Bits 12/26/2006

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    • TC China?已经上线了吗?谁知道?编辑都有了啊。Wondering... - post by hdd2006

    Battle of the Browsers: Firefox inching in from Guardian Unlimited: Organ Grinder Annotated(1)

      Not much surprise here, but NetRatings have found that Firefox users spend 28% more time online than IE users, and view 41% more web pages. They spend more time online - 24.4 hours during September compared to 19.1 hours for Explorer users - and are more male. The male/female ratio is 62/38 for Firefox and 52/48 for IE.
      • 很有趣的数据,Fx的使用者比用IE的花更多时间在网上和看更多的网页,而且男性居多。 - post by hdd2006
      And IE's users are much older: one third of its users are over 50 compared to one fifth of Firefox's.
        In other words, Firefox represents, for many, Web 2.0 and IE Web 1.0."

        Guardian style guide | Style guide | Guardian Unlimited Annotated(1)

        • 喜欢这个网的排版风格,卫报。这个styleguide有些意思啊。可以下载PDF版。 - post by hdd2006
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