Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Diigo Bits 12/18/2006

CrunchNotes » 24: Season 5 Annotated(1)

  • 哈,TC 也是24粉丝,48小时内没有blog的可能。想起自己当年第一次看24,连续18+小时没干别的,那个non-stop running.激动啊。 - post by hdd2006
this is anything like the first four seasons, that means that the next 48 hours won’t involve much blogging on my part.

    digg - Opera 9.10 Final

    • 进步精进一如以往,非常高兴早早的用到这么一款一见倾心的浏览器.To be or not to be Opera ,it's up to "you". - post by hdd2006
    there is not a browser out there that is more configurable then opera. anybody who calls it bloated or ugly hasn't spent the time to configure it and use it to its full potential.

    opera along with m2 is the best internet experience out there, period.
    • Agree the words :Potential Best Experience. - post by hdd2006

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